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Environmental Policy

HanKwang Opto Co., Ltd. is a company that produces and supplies optical products.
It recognizes environmental management as an important element of corporate management and
systematically builds, implements and maintains the environmental management system,
We will do our best to preserve the environment.

1 Operation of environmental management system
Establish and effectively implement an environmental management system
to minimize the environmental impact of our company's activities, products, or services.
2 Continuous improvement
Our company continuously establishes and reviews goals and targets for environment preservation
in all processes such as production, sales, distribution, use, and disposal of products.
3 Pollution prevention
Minimize emissions of environmental pollutants by minimizing waste generation,
hazardous materials and energy use through process reuse, recycling, inhibition or
replacement of major pollutants, and substituting and improving processes.
4 Compliance with environmental laws
Comply with environmental standards required by international
conventions and regulations, and continuously improve its level.
5 Public management
To educate all employees to recognize the importance of compliance with the environmental management system,
we conduct training periodically, and disclose our environmental policy to
the general public to realize transparent environmental management.

Quality policy

Our company plans to improve the quality of technology and quality ahead of customers' needs
through creative competence development and organizational harmony of the employees.
It will also fulfill its social responsibility. Therefore, In order to implement the management philosophy
that aims to be the best in the world, Our company established quality policy.

Quality-oriented customer satisfaction through endless innovation

The details of the action target are as follows.

  • New product development
    Development lead time 90%
    Productization concept and technology improvement
  • Improve productivity
    Establish quality system
    Process improvement and worker education
  • Customer Satisfaction
    95% Satisfaction with
    Delivery Time
    Achieved 90 Customer Satisfaction Index